Portfolio Gallery

Mixed Bamboo

 Mixed bamboo flooring range offers a moderate tone with an authentic wood appearance.  

Natural Bamboo

 Bamboo floors are the worlds most durable floor choice as well as being a highly sustainable option.  

Roast Bamboo

 The roasting process eliminates the need for staining as it creates the deep rich brown tones enhancing the warmth of a room.  

Engineered Oak

 Oak is one of the most popular flooring options in the world as it has a  natural elegance and soft hues that blend in with most decor.  


The staircase can often be the focal point of your living space. This staircase is made of solid american oak.  

Boat and marine decking

 At Hero Flooring we not only specialise in indoor flooring, we also  install and maintain outdoor and marine teak and cork decking.