We Work With You

 If you are seeking a timber look floor covering that provides  superior  resistance to wear, scratches, stains and indentations than Hero Flooring is for you. We can deliver  flooring choices with the richness  of timber,  durability and quality that brings warmth and eminence to  your home. At Hero  Flooring, we have a wide range of Flooring styles  ranging from the light tones  of oak to the darker tones of Jarrah. 

Step 1: Choosing Your Style

 Our products are made using different layers of  materials that are  compounded together forming  flooring planks. You  have the choice  between many varieties of finishes that are effectively  indistinguishable  from real wooden floor boards. To begin in choosing  your flooring style  you need to decide on which of the 3 styles you  would like. Planks are available in 1 strip or 2 strip styles. These  styles are made to look like 1 or 2 narrower individual boards. The one  strip (single board look) and the two strip   (each single plank will  contain the appearance of two boards). 

1 strip style: This style  resembles a traditional floorboard. They come in a wide range of  lengths, widths and colours. The long and wide floor boards look more  like real timber floors and offer more style.                   

2 Strip Style: The 2 strip  style offers a narrower and shorter timber styling. 2 Strip planks can  be seen in the smaller spaces as it provides a more functional appeal.

Step 2: Choosing your colour

 Timber  look flooring comes in a variety of colours including creams,  reds and  browns which mirror a wide collection of timber species. When  you consider the colour  of flooring that is best for you, it’s a good  idea to think about the  style you want in your space you want to  achieve. One you have determined what  style you are after, you will  have a clearer vision of the floor colour that is  best fitting.  Here  are some guidelines that  will help determine the best colour for you:

  1. Passive colours or earth tones create a calm mood.
  2. Light colours open up a darkroom producing a spacious, airy result.
  3. Neutral colours transfer the focus from flooring to furnishings.
  4. Deep, rich colours warm up a space and support conversation.
  5. Cool crisp colours create freshness and space and encourage relaxation.

Step 3: Measuring how much flooring you need

We will  need to work with you to determine how much flooring you  will need. The average  home is about 90sqm. We will need to measure the size and number of rooms you will be covering. The following list is  an example  of rooms and their sizes as a guideline but please be aware,  these sizes do  vary in different homes.  

  • Master Bedroom 20sqm
  • Kids Bedroom 16sqm
  • Study 10sqm
  • Lounge 20sqm
  • Dinning 16sqm
  • Family Room 15sqm